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Does Your Hair Need Oil?

Fall is for Ghost Oil

Beyond the delightful coincidence of "Ghost Oil" being aptly named for its winter prowess, it's a year-round essential. Let me share a few bennifical tricks you might not be aware of:

1. Apply Ghost Oil 10 minutes prior to shampooing your hair. This step offers protection to the delicate ends of your hair from excessive water exposure. Remember, your hair's ends don't require vigorous scrubbing or prolonged exposure to water. Visualize your hair as an elastic tube, and excess water can weaken its elasticity. Concentrate your washing efforts on the scalp, while Ghost Oil acts as a water-repellent shield for the ends. As you rinse the suds from your scalp, they will naturally cleanse and carry away any impurities at the end of your strands.

2. Try adding ghost oil before drying. While using oils as a finishing touch is effective for minimizing frizz and enhancing shine, you can further enhance these benefits by incorporating them into your blow-drying routine. Utilize a round brush and/or microfiber towel in conjunction with low to high heat settings for deeper product penetration and long-lasting, manageable softness.

3. Ghost oil before bed. One of my favorite hair care rituals is applying a modest dime-sized portion of Ghost Oil to the tips of my hair before wearing my silk bonnet. The silk fabric is a game-changer; it won't absorb the oil, ensuring my ends remain fresh and tangle-free come morning. This tip is particularly beneficial for individuals with very dry hair who don't face issues with an oily scalp.

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