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2024 Hair Trends are HERE

Introducing the latest trends for 2024! Is the clean girl aesthetic no longer in vogue? Let's talk about it.

Nestled in the busy heart of Aggie land, the proud home of Texas A&M, my job provides a unique perspective on emerging styles. With a constant influx of college students in my chair, I have the privilege of learning from young women who dedicate considerable time to perfecting their appearance.

Being a mother to four, I gladly pull from the wealth of knowledge these girls have to offer.

Enter Taylor Swift, the epitome of the "old money blonde" aesthetic that has captivated the world's attention. This trend shows no signs of waning anytime soon. We are still seeing a big push for the lived-in, goldy-locks vibes. Allowing for a longer time in between appointments and being much more cost-effective.

Have you heard the phrase "Mob Wife Aesthetic"? If not, consider yourself in the loop now, as it demands center stage, leaving the "clean girl look" in 2023. Picture this: 90's face-framing layers, abundant volume, and exaggerated curtain bangs. To complete this alluring ensemble, think smokey eyes, bold red nails, form-fitting black dresses or skirts, black sheer pantyhose, oversized fur coats, and opulent gold jewelry. Each element exudes an aura of wealth and untouchability.

While the style is particularly ideal for brunettes and those with darker hair, I, a proud blonde myself, revel in rocking this magnetic look at the salon.

Lately, my younger brunette clientele, apart from the infamous warm chocolate brown tones, are gravitating towards color as depicted in the image above.

The upcoming formula is essentially the love child of the revered 2019 mushroom brown. This fresh iteration takes the coolness factor up a notch, presenting an absence from the conventional warm red-brown tones. Instead, it boldly leans towards the cool side of red, infused with purple undertones. It's an evolution that adds a touch of modern sophistication to your hair color palette. This look has gained substantial popularity, evident in its frequent appearance as a sought-after choice on platforms like Pinterest.

Comment below if you agree or disagree. What do you see for the year 2024?

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