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Extensions, Need or Want?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Picture By Hoke House Styles

Whether you are struggling with hair loss or want more length, extensions are a great option! We have come leaps and bounds in the hair world, and it's no surprise everyone is wearing them.

The evolution of extensions has made it possible to achieve long flowy looks in less than 3 hours! However, the service can come at a steep cost. In-lies the "kerfuffle" as my UK native friend would say.

The elevation in style alone perks the ears; However, it's the mermaid vibe, a red carpet sensation you can only experience when you wear the hair. I like to call it the "Kim K Komplex" Love her or hate her, you know the confidence I am talking about.

Some need and some want. That's ok but utilizing that as your only form of measurement may leave you feeling bummed. If you look at your calendar and have at least two events where you'd love to feel "red carpet" ready, that could seal your deal on some volume wefts. You may be going through stressful times and your hair is falling out in clumps. Certified experts can custom install bundles of strands into those few thinning sections to give you back what you lost.

Don't fear the money aspect! Some stylist are able to offer payment plans through Klarna and other payment services. If you’re still not convinced but want to know more, search in your area for a Bellami-certified stylist. They can offer a free consultation to go over the price, install method, and payment plan that best suits you. Don't count extensions out because you feel it has to be a need. Do your research and get excited for the endless possibilities!

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